We have been investing in the lives of young people for over 5 years. The results have inspired us to reach many more thousands of young people.

We are asking for your help.

We invest about R300 ($22 or £17) in the life of one child. This is the price of a relatively cheap meal. for two people. For every R300 you invest you can transform the life of a young person who may never have another opportunity. We are looking for 1MS Ambassadors to join us by investing once off or preferably on a monthly basis. Your contribution will go towards impacting the lives of the young people we work with throughout the world. It’s worth it. Your contribution can change lives…



It’s never been easier to start a campaign to raise money for 1MS – simply choose the type of fundraising initiative you’re inspired by or start your own. Follow the super quick set-up guide and share with your friends and family how they can assist you to reach your target.

This is exciting; not only are you contributing, but you could get ten or twenty of your friends to join you in achieving much more.

One Million Strong simply could not do the work we do or reach the young people we reach without people like you behind us – thank you for choosing to support us in our quest.

Special Events

There are many special events that take place all over our/ your country almost every week-end. Make every kilometre count in 2019! Whether you’re walking, swimming, running or cycling – we’re hoping you’ll do it to raise much-needed funds to impact the lives of our young people.

It’s easy – Choose from incredible events like the Two Oceans Marathon, 94.7 Cycle Challenge, the Cape Town Cycle Tour, etc Spend 2 mins registering a fundraising profile and then share your campaign with your friends and family to reach your fundraising goal. If you don’t see an event you like and want to add your own – go for it!

Every cent you raise goes toward making a difference in the lives of our young people, many who come from under-privileged areas and broken homes.

Check out some event options below to get you started…

Paul Jones, Co- Founder One Million Strong, September 2018